• Sound Activated LED Electro T-Shirt
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Sound Activated LED Electro T-Shirt

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Features and Specifications


1. This shirt lights up and reacts to sound
2. Volume Control for the sensitive of music
3. EL panel attached to the Disco T-Shirt with Velcro, can be removed and replaced
4. Hand Washable, just unplug the battery box and EL panel
5. Has a sound sensitivity control to take you all the way from loud anthem beats to the chill out room
6. Made from 100% cotton, this high tech.
7. Powered by a battery pack cleverly hidden within an inside shirt pocket
8. Good for music or dance fans and sports fans, especial for Hip Hop fans


Led color: Multi-colors, as show as picture
Color: Black
Fabric: 100% Cotton
Led shape: Flashing light up and down,as show as the picture
EL panel attached to the Disco T-Shirt with Velcro, so you can give your cloth a deserved wash after remove the panel and battery pack.
Uses 2 x AAA batteries (batteries not included)
Net weight: 260g
Package weight: 265g

Size references (cm):


Washing note:

1. Dry Clean or hand wash only
2. Remove EL panel, battery pack and the whole power cord carefully before washing
3. Do Not submerge any part of the flash panel

Using Notes:

1. Insert 2 AAA battery only, don't use mixture batteries
2. Slide switch to Operate Power
3. Don't bend or apply pressure to the flash panel

Package included:

1 x Sound Activated LED Electro T-Shirt

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